Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Que frio

Yesterday was a cold start to the day as I stood outside the Premier Inn in Altrincham for my first pipe of the day. It did warm up a little as the sun broke through but not by much. Looks like it is set to get even colder in Manchester today with a top temperature of 0 and a low of –3 but then get a little warmer as the week rolls on.

As for us, we arrived back at El Altet about 20 minutes behind schedule and then waited a further 20 minutes for our cases to arrive. So, already later than expected, we set off back to Bigastro and home. We normally go to to the airport on the motorway and come back on the coast road. Last night, for the first time ever, I missed the turning to Santa Pola and carried on the N-332 towards Alicante - so we had a bit of a detour.

Finally, we arrived home to find that the central heating boiler was running. That has only happened once before on our return from trips to the UK and is a sign that the freeze protection on the thermostat had kicked in to prevent the system and the pipework in the house from freezing up. In fact I’d noticed that the freeze warning on my car was showing a temperature of 4 degrees (I didn’t even know I had a freeze warning on my car) so it was cold last night.

This morning, the freeze protection on the central heating had kicked in again and the radiators in the house were warm when I got up. It will probably take most of today to warm the house with hopefully some sunshine through the windows.

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