Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A change for the better

British citizens here had every right to feel that they were bring ripped off by the Passport Office. In 2012 the cost of a British passport in Britain was reduced by £5. Not so in Spain, where a 32 page adult passport costs £128 plus the courier fee of £19.86.

That is all set to change though. The Immigration and Security Minister, James Brokenshire, has announced that passport fees will be reduced from next month. From the 7th April the cost of a 32 page passport will be reduced by £45 to £83, children’s passports will be reduced by £28.50 to £53 and 48 page passports will cost £91.

The other change is that applications must now be made via the gov.uk website and not to Madrid. In other words British residents living in Spain must now make their passport applications online at www.gov.uk/overseas-passports.

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