Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Not just in Bigastro

The council in Dolores held an extraordinary meeting on the 25th November, 2005 where they voted to urbanise 1,621,950 square metres of rural land to allow building. The project was awarded to San José Inversiones y Proyectos SA Urbanísticos who planned to build 2,600 houses along with a golf course.

At the time, there were 4 councillors who abstained from the vote because they had pecuniary interest in the land. However, it seems that the mayor and two other councillors, who voted in favour, also had interest in the project. The socialists in the town objected but their objection was overruled by the mayor so they took the case to court. Finally, eight years later, the court has ruled that their votes were illegal. Since that meant that there were only five votes in favour out of 13, the decision to award the project to San José Inversiones y Proyectos SA Urbanísticos was invalid.

As it happens, the planned building never went ahead because the company ran out of money. The land is still waiting for a new investor bold enough to continue with the project.

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