Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It comes and blows

Untitled-1Just when you think that the wind has calmed and might remain calm, it picks up again. As you can see, that is what happened last night around 10pm when it was howling around the exposed front of our house. The weird thing is that, when I went outside to check that everything was OK, it was totally calm on the side of the house which faces the road. The wind was coming, as it often does, from Orihuela and the mountains beyond.

Luckily, our bedroom is on the leeward side where the wind was lightest so our sleep was not disturbed. In any case, the wind calmed in the early hours of the morning but has now returned and is set to continue until at least early evening. Tomorrow should be calmer but then the strong wind will return on Friday and continue through Saturday.

The good news for us is that the wind is forecast to change direction to the more protected aspect of our house.

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