Sunday, March 30, 2014

Here we go again

The Daily Mail tell us that temperatures today could reach 21 degrees in parts of Britain making it hotter than Spain. They go to say that it will be the hottest day of the year so far.  No surprise there, it is only March and winter in the UK was dreadful.

The Mail goes on to show us pictures of people apparently sunbathing on Brighton beach. Most of them have coats on for goodness sakes, that isn’t sunbathing!

Actually, looking at the forecast for this part of Spain, we can expect  the same maximum temperature of 21 degrees today. Admittedly in the north of the country it will be cooler which is where the Daily Mail is obviously making its comparison. 

The big difference between the two countries is that tomorrow, in this area, it is forecast to be 21 degrees again and should rise to 24 by Wednesday and 25 by next Saturday. Will the so called “barbecue weather” in Britain last that long? Nope, by Monday temperatures are set to drop to 17  with showers setting in and that is just in the south of the country, up north they are forecast to be no more than 13 degrees and cloudy even today.

There are aspects of life in Britain where things are better than here in Spain but I am sorry, the weather is not one of them. Tell us that the economy is stronger and we will agree, tell us that unemployment is lower and there is no contest but trying to better us with the climate is just a no brainer.

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