Monday, March 31, 2014



The latest official portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge showing off baby George along with the pet dog Lupo is interesting.

It was taken through a window of the Cambridges’ home, Apartment 1A of Kensington Palace, by renowned photographer Jason Bell.

Why through a window though and why are the colours so muted?

The fact that George and the dog are exchanging glances makes the picture special. It is something that neither the photographer nor the parents could have anticipated. We can fairly assume that this was one of many that were taken and has been deliberately chosen for public viewing. This is how the royal couple want us to see themselves. The only happy accidents are the expressions of George and Lupo, everything else is intentional.

The picture is slightly over exposed and the colours have been toned down, something that must have been deliberate because this was not a casual shot by Kate’s father using a compact camera. Bell, who took the official christening photos in October last year, is highly skilled and has access to a plethora of equipment for his photography. We can be sure that he chose to present the picture in this way perhaps to give a kind of 50s look to it.

What the photo illustrates are the changes that have taken place in royal photos over the years and the increasing informality in approach taken to the subject. It is a style that will be copied by many.

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