Thursday, March 20, 2014

Houses under threat

The houses on Babylon Beach at Guardamar are under attack again.

The houses on the seafront at Guardamar are located right next to the beach and as such do not comply with the Law of the Coasts. Strictly speaking, they should be demolished but a concession was made to allow them to stand until 2018. Whether that will be renewed or not is debatable.

1395272229541In any case, the houses are in danger of being torn down, not by the council but by the sea. The recent storms on the coast have forced homeowners to build stone jetties to protect the foundations from being eroded by strong surf. The home made barriers are both an eyesore and at the same time prevent people from walking safely along the beach.

The situation is causing a dilemma for the local council who have now commissioned a study to find out why the sea is gradually encroaching on these properties and what can be done to resolve the problem.

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