Tuesday, January 20, 2015

At least the famers are smiling

Whilst we may not like cold wet days, local farmers see them as manna from heaven. A decent spell of rain means that farmers do not have to use precious water to irrigate their crops and a cold spell improves the quality of artichokes and broccoli. Dew wetting the trunks of citrus trees is also highly beneficial to the fruit.

What farmers don’t want is frost and hail because both of them can ruin crops. Luckily, the cold so far has not resulted in either.

The Vega Baja accounts for 26% of agricultural production in the province. Sixty per cent of the crops are citrus fruits with a worth of 95.7 million euros; seventeen per cent are vegetables worth 71.7 million euros. Farming is therefore vital to the economy of the area.

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