Monday, January 19, 2015

Unstable air

10860844_889097044476097_2996164330749457908_oNo need to tell those who live here that it is heavily overcast this morning. When I woke up it was so dark I had to look at my watch to make sure it wasn’t too early to get out of bed.

The rain started last night and has continued through the night getting heavier towards dawn.

AEMET forecast that it should start to clear by midday and by early evening it will be dry. We can expect tomorrow to be a better day. However, it will remain cold until about Thursday when the temperatures should return to the high teens.

Before some of my British readers start handing out the tissues to me, I know that conditions there are much worse. I have already read about the freezing temperatures and the blanket of snow. Sorry but that still does not make me feel comfortable facing a temperature of 2 degrees at night and 11 degrees in the daytime. 

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