Saturday, January 03, 2015

Needs a bit of TLC

Since Aurelio Murcia was removed from his post as councillor for Planning and Urbanisation, he says the council have left two of the areas of development to go into disrepair.

Sector D-5 is the area on the left hand side of Avenida Europa as you drive up to La Pedrera. It was cleared ready for building 180 houses and the sewerage system was laid. When the development stalled, the area became overgrown with weeds which were cleared and a steel fence was erected to surround it. Since then, the fence has been broken down and the weeds have taken over again.

Sector D-4, alongside Avenida Apatel is in a similar state. The 80,000 square metres of land is also covered with weeds.

In fact, truth be known, any area of land which is not currently built upon is in much the same state whether it is owned by the council or privately. If we were being poetic, many parts of the town would be described as “rural or urban decay”. We might like to think of it as part of Bigastro’s charm but really we would all prefer that it was tidied up.

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