Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New York closed down

  • The city that never sleeps, fell silent last night as a travel ban came into force at 11pm.
  • In New York city, the mayor closed the subway system and vehicles were banned from the roads in 13 counties with fines of $300 dollars imposed on those who dared to set out.
  • Around 6,500 flights were cancelled, with most not expected to be rescheduled until Wednesday. Train routes were also cancelled.
  • By 1:30am though, some forecasters had downgraded the predicted levels from 3 feet to 1 foot although they still said that levels in Boston could still reach two feet.
Travel conditions are still hazardous because of the lethal combination of heavy snow and strong winds.

Britain is also on alert for cold weather but the predictions there are only for a few inches of snow to fall.

In the meantime, I am looking out of my window at a beautiful sunny morning here in Bigastro!

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