Monday, January 19, 2015

Que pasa!

Untitled-1What has happened to Bigastro’s web site?

This used to be one of my main sources of information for this blog; my first port of call after I switched my computer on each day.

Today there is nothing to report, is that good or bad?

Whilst I am at it, the other thing I have noticed is that the album of photographs has not been updated since the Festival for Manos Unidos in 2014. There have been many events since then which I know have been recorded. I’ve personally posted several albums of photographs since then which are not included and I am sure others have done the same.

I know that the Ayuntamiento have a page on the social media site Facebook where announcements are made but that is not the same. For one thing, you cannot post albums of photos to the Facebook page. People like to see photos, I know because that is what they tell me!

I ask, can we please have a return to the web site being the great source of information that it used to be. 

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