Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sunday night sorted

3404623977_1db82bdd1dThe Teatro Circo in Orihuela is hosting a concert by the Bigastro Syphonic Band on Sunday at 6pm. Tickets for the concert cost 5 euros with the proceeds going to the charity Adis Vega Baja.

Adis is an association that helps disabled people in the area and as such needs continuous funding. In a few months time they will be opening a day care centre in Orihuela thanks to the Town Hall. The centre will provide  a number of hours of care each day to the dependants.

I haven’t been to the Teatro Circo but Pamela has and she says it is every bit as interesting as the photograph to the left. I am therefore looking forward to seeing this magnificent building for the first time and of course enjoying an evening of great music.

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