Saturday, August 06, 2016

End of an era

This was the first bar in Bigastro that we visited.

Characterised by the sawdust on the floor and the litter strewn on it by the end of the night, this was a traditional Spanish drinking and eating place. The food was simple but tasty and affordable. Our visitors always enjoyed a night there.

I'm not sure how they kept track of orders but I do know, at the end of the night, you got a piece of paper with just a list of numbers that were added up to a total. No idea what the numbers represented, they could be drinks or items of food. You just accepted the amount and paid up.

 However, the owners have decided to hang up the towel and close it since none of the family want to take the bar on.

It first opened its doors on Calle Purisima 70 years ago when the original owners decided to quit farm work and open the place. Since then it has become a focal point of the town, a place where workers would go at the end of their labours to enjoy a drink, a chat and some tapas. Others, like us, went their for an evening meal.

 We always knew it as Casa Eloina but its real name was Bar Saez.

 It is easy to understand why the young ones don't want to continue. Casa Eloina opened at about 8pm and stayed open until the early hours of the morning. During fiestas, the bar spread out into the street as the owner found yet another table and chairs from his storeroom. It must have been really hard work in the small kitchen preparing food for a growing crowd of diners each night but no more.

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