Saturday, May 27, 2017

A bit of a mystery

For those who may be interested, there are several albums of my photos from our trip to Florence available from the sidebar. However, to see them all you need to click on where it says "What's this" and then "". This will take you to all of my currently stored albums including the 6 from our trip to Florence.

The trip went well. Yesterday, we had a taxi to a railway station in Florence to catch the train to Rome, Then we took a taxi from Rome Termini to the Airport, flew back to Alicante and finally drove home.

As I opened the door to the house, I noticed the alarm had been triggered. Then we saw that some papers had been scattered and there was a pungent aroma about the lounge. It became obvious that we had a bird flown in but it was impossible to say how because the chimney is blocked with cardboard that was still in place.

Eventually I found a dead blackbird hidden behind one of the sofas. Fortunately it had not made too much of a mess. We did however feel sorry for the poor thing.

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