Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Starting to get real

Last year we were asked if Pam and I would be prepared to be Third Age King and Queen at the local fiesta. Since I was in the middle of my treatment for prostate cancer, it did not seem a good idea and so we asked if we could postpone until this year.

Early on this year, we booked a villa in Molins where the family could stay and they have arranged flights.

We now move on to the next stage of preparation.

This morning, Pam and I are scheduled to visit Pilar who will be making the sashes we will wear. She needs to measure us to make sure they are the right size and most important, check our names so they are embroidered correctly.

Tomorrow, we have an appointment at the photographer's so that he can take the picture of us for the official brochure. Pam already has an appointment at the hairdresser and I may just have a quick trim. We want to look smart!

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Unknown said...

King and Queen Well done, now get that demo suite out and press it,Maria and I hope to be there on the night. Best wishes Jim