Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Baches galore

Two new words for you, baches and socavones - potholes and sinkholes. These two words have been used to describe roads and pavements in Orihuela but they could equally well apply to some roads in Bigastro.

A lot of work has been done but there is still more to do. For example, the road into the town from the roundabout which leads to Oruhuela, Torrevieja and Jacarilla (Calle Joaquin Moya Martinez0 is in a terrible state.

There are baches and socovones at the side of the road which, if you hit, could easily damage your suspension. Most of the time it is possible to avoid them but if one of those large lorries carrying lemons is coming out of the town, it can be difficult to prevent your car from hitting one. The tarmac itself is also breaking up badly and urgently needs repair.

Apart from the problems that the state of this road presents, it is a poor advert for the town as one of its main entrances.

The shame is that the Socialists did not use the Plan E money wisely. They improved the final section of the road with benches, trees and even a cyclepath that never gets used but left the rest untouched.

I suppose they would claim that the section from where they stopped to the roundabout belongs to Orihuela and so is our neighbours responsibility. That may well be the case but most visitors would not be aware of that and would associate the whole road with Bigastro.

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