Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A labour of love

It occurred to me that, if anything happened to me, all the photos I have taken in Bigastro would be lost. They are all on hard drives either in or attached to my computer but to go through them would be a nightmare for anyone. In all probability they would simply be erased.

In order to preserve this archive for the town, I have bought an external hard drive just to store those photos. In the event of my demise, or when I am too old to take photos anymore, the drive can be passed on to the Town Hall for them to keep.

The total to date is 23,284 photos covering all sorts of events including concerts, processions, fiestas etc etc.  Even I was astonished that I had so many pictures. I can't even imagine how many pictures I will have by the time I have finished.

1 comment:

Pete said...

That's a formidable body of work Keith! Plenty of time to at least double it though. Keep snapping!