Thursday, February 01, 2018

Damn Brexit

First off it made me poorer each month as the pound lost strength. The pound has recovered slightly but nowhere near the levels before the referendum took place.

Then negotiation stumbled along with those responsible seemingly making concession after concession to the EU. The Irish border is still a tricky issue that may be impossible to resolve. Then we heard about the notion of a transition period that could last 2 years or more.

It rapidly became clear this meant that Britain would have to accept new laws passed in Europe and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice during that period. Britain would also have to accept free passage of other Europeans during that time. Effectively that means that Britain will remain in Europe in all but name and would have no say in what happens.

Now we are told that civil servants have produced an analysis of the impact of Brexit on the economy and their conclusions are gloomy to say the least. Ministers have tried to play this down by claiming that civil servants never get anything right and in any case their analysis is not complete. The information was not meant to be leaked which is understandable because governments always  try and hide bad news from the populace.

I can't imagine that those who voted to leave anticipated there would be a transition period and would be worse off after leaving.They were sold on the idea that Britain would a) regain its sovereignty and b) would be better off by £350,000 per week and this would happen by March 2019.  That must have seemed an enticing prospect to them.

Sadly, as each day passes, it becomes clear they were mislead. According to current thinking, it will be years and years, possibly never, before Britain regains its powers of self government.  Worse still though, everyone could well be poorer even in the long term.

I suppose it all depends on who you trust the most, politicians who are traditionally circumspect about the truth or civil servants who were predominantly pro remain. Both groups have their own agendas so really I'd trust neither of them. All in all, I'd say that Brexit has turned out to be a real mess. I bet there are many who wish we could go back and vote again.

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