Sunday, February 11, 2018

Christopher Riley

Chris playing flute at the Fiesta for San Joaquin 2017

Alfonso greets Chris on the stage at the Teatro Corte, Almoradi.

Last night the SUMB chose to honour Christopher Riley, the only British person currently playing in the band.

 Christopher has a fascinating musical CV. He played in a group in his home town, Blackpool in the 60s and 70s. Johnny Breeze and the Atlantics played alongside many of the great artists of the time including the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton. Chris also played with the band that became Jethro Tull and is in fact still in close contact with the front man, Ian Anderson.

 His repertoire of instruments includes bass guitar, saxophone, organ, guitar, flute and piccolo. 

When we first saw him with the Symphonic Band, he was playing saxophone. He then learnt to play the flute and joined the Junior Band. Currently, Chris plays flute with the Symphonic Band.
Chris addresses the audience (in perfect Spanish).

Alfonso, Chris and his wife, Kim at the Casino in Almoradi. 

Chris and Alfonso. 

The President of the Sociedad Union Musical de Bigastro, Alfonso Banuls Fuente, presented Chris with a special pin at the reception later. Chris is the first to be honoured with this pin which you can see him wearing at the bottom of the three on his lapel.
A very proud Chris wearing his new pin at the bottom of his lapel.

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