Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The best of British

This is the man that lead the leave campaign, Britain's Foreign Secretary and would be Prime Minister.

I know you shouldn't judge a person by their dress but really I wonder what other countries will make of this picture of Boris Johnson?

Setting his appearance to one side, Johnson is due to make a speech today telling us that we should all pull together over Brexit, that we have nothing to fear.

Remember, Boris was the man who told us the NHS would be better off by £350m  a week post Brexit, He was the one who told us that we had to leave because otherwise Britain would be invaded by Turks. Neither of those things were true. What is true, according to Government research, is that Britain will be worse off. 

I believe we are well passed the day when we can simply regard Mr Johnson as a harmless and loveable quintessentially British buffoon. He is rapidly becoming a liability and a dangerous one at that.

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