Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's better to be a WAG than a SLAG

The reports from the Manchester United party just get worse and worse. The latest story is about a girl who was "roasted" by five players in an upstairs room. I thought that roasting a bird meant cooking the turkey at Christmas but it seems to have a different meaning these days.

You do wonder just what these girls got out of their night out. The wives and girlfriends were probably not best pleased that their men were out on the town without them but at least they have the benefit of a mansion, a flashy car and designer clothes to show for their relationship. The girls who went to the party ended up with bad hangovers and a tattered reputation as a slag to show for their time with the "stars". Even if they weren't involved directly, they will be branded of guilt by association.

I expect there will be more sordid stories to come out of this event and others like it.

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