Thursday, December 20, 2007

Very distressing

It is unpleasant to come home and find that someone has broken into your house. Even if very little has been stolen, the feeling of violation of your privacy can be extremely distressing.

Our neighbours across the road, Eladia and Pepe Robles Grau faced that problem on Tuesday night when they arrived home to find that thieves had broken into their daughter's bedroom to steal a couple of watches and some items of jewelry.

We were at home at the time but heard nothing. Neither did Aurelio's wife in the kitchen of their house next door. Luka, who normally barks when anyone goes near Pepe's house, didn't make a sound.

It is hard to understand how the thieves got over the walls and railings that surround Pepe and Eladia's house. It just goes to show how determined they were to break in.

The Robles Grau's are some of the nicest people we have met here in Spain. We hope they are not too upset by what has happened and that the incident doesn't spoil their Christmas.

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