Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My opinion

Of course, Pam and I have a vested interest in the Town Council's Special Plan for the Public Park of Bigastro because it is one of the views that we have from our solarium.

Many other residents and locals use the area though and enjoy the breathtaking views that you get from walking around the path that forms a boundary to the parkland. On clear days you can see all the way across to Santa Pola and the mountain ranges that back the coastal plain. You can see Orihuela, the Seminary and the mountain behind the city. As you walk around the path you get views towards the Embalse and then later the vast orange groves which stretch to Hurchillo.

There are parts that need to be cleared up. The disused agricultural land isn't so much of a problem but the pieces of irrigation pipe that have been abandoned are. The path itself could be improved to make it easier for people to traverse. Information boards which show you what the vistas encompass would be good as well. There has been some landscaping on the road that leads to the old escombrera. The road itself has been improved but needs tarmac to make it suitable for traffic. The changes made though need to enhance the beauty and not detract from it.

The park, like the huerta, the lomas and the Zona de Ocio, need to be preserved and maintained. These are the defining characteristics of the town which make it attractive to both residents and visitors alike. They are what make Bigastro stand out from the other towns in the area as a place of beauty and nature rather than just shops, houses and places to work.

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