Tuesday, December 25, 2007

We are so lucky to have such good neighbours

When we lived in Greasby in the UK we had excellent neighbours (Hugh, Angela and family). Now that we are in Spain we have equally good neighbours both next door (Kay and Ken) and across the road (Pepe, Eladia and Eladia ).

For some time we have been having problems with our Digital Plus TV reception caused by a poor connection to the LNB (the thing that points into the aerial dish). The connector broke when I tried crimping it with a pair of pliers so I've had to improvise since then.

Anyway when I was on the roof yesterday trying to get the signal back, Pepe from across the road must have spotted me and immediately came across to offer assistance.

First he brought his aerial signal strength meter to check the alignment. He quickly replaced the broken connector and got a good signal by aligning the dish. Then he brought his portable television and a digibox to check that we were getting maximum signal strength. Finally he checked the signal in the house to make sure there was no loss in the cable.

So thanks to Pepe we will be able to enjoy TV over Christmas.

I've ordered some silicon grease, self amalgamating tape and a rubber boot for the connector to ensure that the connection doesn't deteriate again; oh and I also ordered a connector to replace the one that Pepe gave me.

Muchas gracias Pepe - you are a star!

Later in the dayKay, from next door, came round with Christmas presents for us along with a couple of her very special home made mince pies which we ate last night. I can honestly say they were the best mince pies we have ever tasted. Kay takes the idea of deep filled to the extreme.

So many thanks to Ken and Kay as well for all that you have done for us during the year and especially for the mince pies!

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