Sunday, December 02, 2007

¡No mas aves!

On Friday October 19th I told you about the blackbird that had got stuck in our chimney.

Since then I have heard birds in the chimney on several occasions but each time they have managed to escape through the top. That was until Wednesday when another blackbird got stuck. It obviously couldn't get back out and wouldn't come down so we had to leave it.

Once it was dark, the bird went quiet. By lunchtime the next day we were getting concerned about the bird's welfare so we asked our neighbour to come in. She is very good with pets of all sorts. Within minutes she'd coaxed the bird to come down into the room. It flew straight out through the nearest open window obviously glad to be free again.

The design of the chimney has to be the problem. First there is a ledge which is perfect for birds to perch on and then there are holes for them to squeeze through. All the chimneys on the estate are the same. In fact most Spanish chimneys are of a similar design. They look nice, they stop the rain coming down into the fireplace but are obviously a magnet to birds. Several people tell us they've had birds stuck in their chimneys; including our neighbour.

Anyway we have someone coming on Tuesday to put mesh over the part where the holes are. The stuff this guy uses is so fine a wasp couldn't get through it let alone a blackbird.

So that should be another completed challenge we can tick off.

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