Friday, May 29, 2009

All in a good cause

The corridors of San José de Calasanz school in Bigastro were turned into a market for second hand goods on imageWednesday. The aim was to raise money to help build a state school in Arequipa , a town next to the Titicaca lake in Peru.

Salomón Rivera, the director of the school explained that helping others was one of the themes that the school were working on with the pupils.

The flea market project managed to raise over 2,000€.

This news fits in nicely with part of our lesson yesterday where we looked at the difference between the adjectives, solidario(a) and sólido(a).The correct adjective to describe the rastrillo is of course solidario.

As the students at Anfield would explain, the correct adjective to describe learning Spanish is sólida! Scousers reading this will understand what I mean.

Whilst we are on the subject of the language; rastrillo, the word for a flea market, is also used to describe a farm or garden rake so you could say, Fui al rastrillo a comprar un rastrillo and nobody wold understand what you meant! For someone who mixes up loose and lose, this is all too much.

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