Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tonight is the night

As if you need reminding, tonight the final of the Champion's League will take place in Rome.

My daughter’s boyfriend is on his way to Rome right now. He, and his friends set off from Manchester on Monday. They flew to Geneva where they stayed overnight. Yesterday morning they picked up a hire car and drove to Pisa. After a night’s sleep in the historic town, they are now on their way to Rome to watch the match tonight.

They intend to stay in Rome tonight and drive back to Geneva on Thursday in time for their flight back to Manchester.

Ask them why they didn’t just fly to Rome and Dave will tell you that their route is cheaper and in any case their way will be more of an adventure.

By my reckoning the car journey through Italy will be 880kms each way. Yesterday’s drive from Geneva to Pisa and today’s leg from Pisa to Rome are not so bad but the killer will be the return from Rome to Geneva on Thursday. We once drove for over 12 hours from Paris to the South of France and then the same on the way back. It was a long haul!

I hope the lads make it safely and have a great time whatever the outcome of the match.

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