Thursday, May 28, 2009

The best team won

From the kick off, it looked like United were going to sew the game up within the first ten minutes of the match with some fine volleys by Ronaldo. Then Eto’o scored and United fell apart. Barcelona were better at picking up loose balls and intercepting passes; they took control of the important midfield area with a fine example of continental football. When the breaks came for Barcelona, United were lacking in defence.

So fair dos, it was Barcelona’s night and Spain celebrates.

On a different note, it was clear that Barcelona had better support at the top with the President and King of Spain in attendance. All United could manage was wimpy Prince William who showed no interest whatsoever in the game. Of course the politicians were absent because no longer could they claim the trip on expenses. And did you notice Berlusconi falling asleep?

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Pete said...

Well, the Scouser in me says it's always good to see United get spanked, but it's a shame they couldn't manage a stronger performance. Still, they've had a big year and you can't win every final you play in. I'm sure they'll be back.

I'm not so sure about your observation about Prince William though. He might be polite and well spoken, but he's also six foot three and military trained. I don't mind telling you that I wouldn't want to try and take him in a fight! As to not taking an interest in the game...who can blame him, it was United! ;)