Friday, May 01, 2009

Fiestas and Public holidays in Bigastro

Date English name Spanish name
January 1st * New Year’s Day Año Nuevo
January 6th * Epiphany Día de Reyes
March 19th * Father’s Day San José
moveable * Good Friday Viernes Santo
moveable * Easter Monday Lunes de Pascua
April 23rd Saint George’s Day Día del Libro
May 1st * Labour Day Día del Trabajador
May 3rd Day of the Crosses Día de las Cruces (local fiesta)
May 15th Saint Isidro San Isidro (local fiesta)
June 24th Saint John San Juan (Alicante)
July 26th Saint Ana Santa Ana (local fiesta)
August 15th * Assumption of Mary Asunción
August 16th Saint Joaquin San Joaquin (local fiesta)
October 9th * Community Day Día de la communidad Valenciana
October 12th * Hispanic Day Día de la Hispanidad
November 1st * All Saints Day Día de todos los Santos
December 6th * Constitution Day Día de la Constitución
December 8th * Immaculate Conception Inmaculada Concepción
December 25th * Christmas Day Navidad
December 31st New Year’s Eve Noche Vieja

NB Not all are of course public holidays. I’ve starred the ones which I believe are holidays.

It is important to remember that if a holiday falls on a Thursday or a Tuesday then some businesses and schools will ‘bridge’ the weekend i.e. close for the Friday or the Monday as well.

Good Friday this year was on the 10th April, next year it will be on the 2nd April and the following year on April 22nd.

The fiesta at the Holy Cross is on the first weekend in May and the Romeria for San Isidro on the following Saturday.

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