Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bluetooth blues

My old phone had Bluetooth connection and the new phones we bought have Bluetooth connections so I thought it would be a good idea to use Nokia’s PC suite to connect the phones to my desktop. That way we can save pictures from the phone, exchange contacts etc etc.

The Bluetooth dongle which I used with my last machine didn’t seem to want to behave with my Vista PC so I ordered a new dongle from Ebay. The one I bought is a tiny little nano dongle, much more discreet than the original.

Yesterday the dongle arrived and I spent a frustrating two hours changing this and installing that getting nowhere in the process. I could see the phone listed several times but it just wouldn’t communicate. In the end, I plugged the old dongle into the USB port and as if by magic, it connected the phone to the software straight away. Ask me why and I will admit I don’t have a clue.

Thinking that the new dongle was now faulty because it was no longer recognised by the computer, I tried it in my laptop and lo and behold it worked. Not only that but my phone would connect to the software installed on the laptop as well.

Luckily the new dongle cost me less than £4 delivered so I’m not too put out to use the old one on my desktop and the new one on my laptop.

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Pete said...

You're not alone! I've had absolute bloody nightmares using the Nokia suite via bluetooth. I've ended up giving up on it. I can transfer files individually, but for synchronising my calendars and contacts I stick with a cable which works perfectly every time.

And the facility I strongly urge you to use is the complete phone backup feature. So many people don't bother and then lose all kinds of contacts and appointments. This way if I lose my phone then I don't lose any data.