Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A mystery

The Town Hall very kindly put up an Information Board at the bottom of our estate which they use to announce forthcoming events and matters of importance to us.

José and Darren also use the board to let us know what is going on up at La Pedrera; something that we requested at several meetings of the Residents’ Association.

You have to be quick to spot the notices about La Pedrera though because it seems that no sooner are they put up, they disappear.

I dare say Darren and José would like to know what happens to them because they go to a lot of trouble and expense to produce the posters.

On a different note; a couple of the residents yesterday were busy swilling down the paving near to their house. When I asked them why, they told me it was to remove the dog and cat fouling. In the hot weather, they said the smell of the urine and faeces was awful not to mention the issue of hygiene and the inconvenience of getting the stuff on their shoes.

I don’t wonder there is a real problem at Villas Andrea because of the number of cats and dogs that people keep on the estate. Of course people are perfectly entitled to keep pets but they do have a responsibility to ensure that their animals don’t foul public places or indeed other people’s property.

Just like the the posters, it is a mystery.

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