Saturday, May 16, 2009

A big day

Manchester United have the opportunity to clinch their 11th Premier League title today at Old Trafford.

Strangely, if they win today, It will only be the second time they’ve won the title on home ground (the first was in 1999 when they beat Tottenham 2-1).

Liverpool fans will be sorry to see that if United win the title today, they will equal the Scouser’s score of 18 titles.

It was Arsenal who helped break Liverpool’s run of titles in 1989 and 1991, so they aren’t expected to do United any favours today. I just hope they don’t spoil the Mancunian’s day and make them sweat it out until they meet Hull next Sunday.

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Pete said...

I daresay United will wrap it up today, though I'd dearly love to see Liverpool take the title. I think the astonishing thing is that Liverpool have pushed as close as they have.

I'd also say that it's inevitable that United will exceed Liverpool's tally in the fullness of time.

Manchester, to take nothing away from their undoubted brilliance as a team, are also a brilliantly run business. What's really helping them is the size and quality of their squad. I think the most illustrative thing to point out is that United are capable, if all players are fit, of fairly easily fielding TWO entire teams either of which would stand an excellent chance of winning a Premiership game.

That makes Liverpool's run look a bit more impressive, and it makes Everton's current sixth place almost beyond belief, given that they're so plagued with injuries that they're almost putting the groundskeepers in to the first team!