Friday, May 01, 2009

Good news for Britain – at last

After two miserable summers, meteorologists at the Met Office in Britain say temperatures this year will be above average and rainfall low with a number of small heatwaves.

Dubbing it a "barbecue summer", they predict it is just the beginning of a series of much nicer summers to come with rainfall much lower than the normal nine inches for the season.

A period of much higher pressure over the UK and Europe, a warm phase in the tropical Pacific region, and an ending of the weather phenomenon known as La Nina – in which cold water rises to the surface and cools ocean and land temperatures – all point to warm dry summers to come.

The meteorologists predict that average temperatures across June, July and August are likely to be much higher than the seasonal average of 14.1C and regularly peak above 30C.

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Pete said...

If you think nine inches is normal, you've been spoilt sir!

OK sorry, when I first heard that gag in 'Carry On Girls' it completely cracked me up, and I've longed for the chance to use it ever since. Thanks. :)