Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rude food

I watched a TV programme the other night about an American who was visiting his favourite eateries in Wisconsin. One of the places was a restaurant that changed its menu each day according to what was available locally.

The day the guy visited, they’d taken delivery of a wild boar so that was the meat on the menu. The American had three dishes from the boar which included slices of its testicles which he said were delicious.

The incident reminded me of the tale about the Englishman who visited the butcher’s opposite the bullring in Murcia following a corrida. He asked if the butcher had any ‘delicacies’. The butcher brought out a pair from one of the bulls that had died in the ring the previous day.

Each time there was a corrida, the Englishman would return for more ‘delicacies’. One time though the butcher brought out a pair of testicles that were much smaller than usual. When the Englishman enquired why, the butcher replied, “it isn’t always the bull that loses the fight.”

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