Sunday, May 10, 2009

Only the weather let it down

When we awoke yesterday, the skies were grey and heavy – not the weather you would expect in May especially after the beautiful sunshine we have had for the last week.

Still at least the rain held off for the parade from the church up to La Pedrera - San Isidro was delivered safe and dry into the Hermitage.

In the current economic climate there had to be cut backs; so there were no refreshments for the pilgrims at Star Sol, there was a lot less free beer and no paella. Neither the cut backs nor the inclement weather could spoil the party atmosphere though.

We were delighted to see Marie Sue with her daughter Africa, the ladies from the other adult classes along with several of the residents from Villas Andrea taking part in the parade. It was also great to catch up with Susanna who regularly reads my blog . The last time we saw her was at Halloween when she came up to our house with some of her friends.

The party continued until 8pm when San Isidro was returned to the town in time honoured tradition.

IMG_0924 IMG_0925 IMG_0936

IMG_0933 IMG_0938

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susu said...

it was a pleasure to see you again!!!! just apologise myself because I was very "happy"...hehehe enjoying with friends and with a beer....hehehe u know what I mean,... And I think last time we saw each other in Halloween I went to ur house with my nieces....(I'm a bit old to get fancy dress in this kind of party...dont u think so?)heheehhehe
great job!!!! and really good pics!!! love it!