Friday, May 08, 2009

New website

The Neighbour’s Association of San Miguel de Salinas have been given a subsidy of 1,350 Euros by the Conselleria de Inmigración y Ciudadanía for the creation their web page.


The new site makes extensive use of Flash graphics to provide a slick presentation. However, there isn’t a huge amount of content on the site as yet but no doubt it will develop with time.

Of course, as you may know,  the town already had a ‘rough guide’ at


This site is nowhere near as slick in its presentation but does include a vast amount of content for visitors to peruse.

I’m sure my friend Germán at the Dpto. Tecnología Ayto Bigastro has cast his eye over the new site. I hope he doesn’t decide to make changes to the already excellent web site for Bigastro!

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