Sunday, May 31, 2009

A new way to pay

With the number of people you see speeding on the roads here in Spain, it is not surprising that the DGT have created an online payment system for fines. Previously you had to to go to a DGT office, a Correos post office or a Santander bank and pay in cash. Now you can use your credit or debit card to pay online.

To make online payments you go to the DGT website ( and click on the link ‘Trámites y Multas: Jefatura Virtual'. On the resulting page go to the section ‘¿Alguna Multa?, and once there select ‘Pago de Multas', and on the next page click on ‘Pago de Multas en Internet'. You will then be asked to indicate whether the payment is to be made with or without using a ‘digital signature' or ‘smart DNI' (it is not necessary to have either of those in order to make the online payment).

The system will then ask for your ID number, full name, citation number and fine amount as it appears on the ticket or notification slip. If the payment is being made within 30 days of the fine being issued, the system will automatically calculate a 30 per cent discount for you – the same as you would get for paying cash. image

I hope the guy who was caught by this camera has a decent credit limit on his Visa card. As you can see his speed was recorded at 216Km per hour.

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Pete said...

That's a very knowledgeable post there Keith. Have you been getting a bit heavy footed yourself?