Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blood tests

I don’t ever remember having my blood tested back in the UK. In fact I hardly ever had my blood pressure checked. I did have a urine test following a nasty urinary tract infection. The first test showed something that the doctor was certain wasn’t a problem so I was sent for a second test. I never got the results from that one and he never told me what the issue was about. The test I had recently in Bigastro was clear so obviously it was something of nothing.

Here, blood and urine tests seem to be commonplace. You regularly see the queue of people waiting down at the Centro de Salud to have these taken. I had mine done when my blood pressure was high and now Pamela has had hers done. The doctor should be able to access the results by Friday and print them off for her.

The two tests reveal a whole host of problems, some which you are experiencing and others which may be lurking  ready to affect you in the future.

If all is OK, you return one year later for your next test. Let’s hope that is the case for Pam.

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Pete said...

Bravo for Spain! It's this kind of attitude that keeps people like Laura in a job :)

You're right - the amount of information that can be extracted from a blood sample is staggering. I've been told about them in detail. Painful detail. :)