Monday, May 11, 2009

It had to come

La Asociación Cultural Orihuela 2010 has awarded prizes to the winners of the First  Poetry Competition in SMS language. The poems had to be written in tribute to the orialano poet, Miguel Hernandez.

The First Prize went to Irene Quiles Domingo for her poem which has clear hernandianas resonances (or so I am told).

Ntrrare la simient d la gerra
n las aridas tierras
x dond no pastn las reses.
la abonare con los dias d paz
y smbrare +tarde
l trigo dorado q t alimntara.

Bloody hell, just when we are struggling to get to grips with the language, we’ll now have to learn how to write Spanish in text message form.

Just don’t ask me to translate it, I can’t even decipher text language in English!

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