Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Slaughter at the Emirates

Those who watched the first leg of the semi final tie between Arsenal and Manchester United would agree that United should have had it sewn up before last night. Arsenal were lucky not to be trailing by three or four goals at the start of last night’s match.

The fact that they were just one goal down gave them some hope for a place in the final in Rome. However that hope was all but dashed after just 11 minutes of last night’s game. The Arsenal fans knew it and when United’s third goal came in the 61st minute, they deserted the terraces in droves.

Manchester United didn’t just beat Arsenal, they humiliated them. Now let’s see what Barcelona can do to Chelsea’s plans tonight.

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Pete said...

Slaughter could be the right word. This poor guy - who surely had much bigger problems than a football result - found it all too much to bear.