Friday, December 13, 2013

A hefty fine

You could not help but notice the banner across the street with the motto, “Bigastro fight for yours”. It was the socialists way of keeping the fight for restoration of the  24 hour emergency medical service open.

Now the mayor, Charo Bañuls, wants to fine the socialist group 700 euros ( just 50 euros short of the maximum) for putting the banner up.

The socialists say that this is a serious violation of freedom of expression and contravenes the Spanish constitution which allows for the right to freely express and disseminate thoughts, ideas and opinions by word, writing or any other means of reproduction.  

If posting the banner contravenes a by-law, then surely all those banners placed on the bridge from the town over the by-pass do the same. I wonder if all those people  announcing birthdays etc. were subjected to a similar fine?

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