Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day

First off the weather

Most Christmas Days that we have spent here have been sunny and mild but not this year. It rained for much of the day and was cold. As my neighbour said, “it is more like England”. Not quite because parts of the south of England spent Christmas day mopping up flood water and fifty thousand were left without electricity. Many could still be cut off by the end of the week.

Today we expect it to be dry and sunny. It is however a little blustery out there so perhaps not sunbathing weather. 

Morning phone calls

We called our family who were gathered in Sale and first spoke to our 3 and 3/4 year old granddaughter, Molly. Her first words were, “I can’t believe it, Santa has brought all the presents that I asked for!”. Looking at the photos that were pasted on Facebook later, Santa brought a whole lot more besides -she is one lucky and well loved little girl.

Our presents

This year, Pam and I decided to surprise each other with some small presents which I am pleased to say went down very well. It goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune to spread a lot of happiness. 

Christmas dinner

Untitled-1 Having spent a leisurely morning, Pam and I went to La Herradura for Christmas Lunch. This is the third time that we have been there on Christmas Day so we are getting to know some of the regular clients.

Interestingly, one lady told Pamela that she was disappointed with her meal because it was the same as last year. Well yes it was but you already knew that from the menu shown at the time of booking and actually, if you went out for Christmas lunch in England, you’d get the same meal each year. The difference being that in England you’d have a plateful of turkey with trimmings followed by Christmas pudding. 

In fact, if you look at that menu from La Herradura, you will see that it represented great value for money. You certainly would not get anything like it for a price of less than £30 in Britain. Oh and yes, they missed out the “sopa de pollo con fideos” from the menu.  That came between the bread and the prawns. Each plateful might have been small but by the end, you knew you’d eaten sufficient.

Face time

In the evening we went on Face time to see the chaos that our family in Sale faced. Hopefully, they will have moved some of the presents away to leave some clear space in the lounge ready for our visit there tomorrow! 

Pam and I hope that you all enjoyed your Christmas Day as much as we did and that you are not suffering from too much of a hangover this morning.

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