Sunday, December 15, 2013

Highly recommended

IMGWe are fortunate to have gas fired central heating here in Spain. Although some areas have a supply of natural gas, it is not as widespread as in Britain. The other options are oil fired central heating, all electric systems and propane gas systems such as ours.

By law, you do have to arrange an annual service for the boiler which makes sense to me. A properly serviced boiler works more efficiently and should be both trouble free and safe. Caminsat offer two levels of service- 1. an annual service followed by all labour costs for call outs during the year or 2. the same but including the cost of all parts required.

When we started using the heating in November, we had a problem with our boiler. When it reached operating temperature, the boiler would continually switch itself off and on again. The only way to resolve the issue was to turn it off and let the system cool down.

Since we have the first level contract with Caminsat, we called out the technician who told us that the expansion tank needed pressurising. Unfortunately that did not cure the fault and each time he came out subsequently, the problem did not occur. Of course there was no charge for the call outs.

As it happens, we had already asked the technician to replace the wall thermostat with a programmer and so he came out last Friday to fix the new device. Luckily, the boiler was reproducing the fault when he arrived and a quick diagnosis showed that it was actually the control box that needed replacing. With that sorted, he then went on to fit the new programmer.

Now we have a lovely warm house and the ability to control the system that heats it to our heart’s content.

I am usually wary about making recommendations to people unless I am certain that they will get good service. In this case though, I am confident that you would be satisfied with the work that Jose Maria does. An ex-British Gas fitter on our estate uses the same company and he is delighted – that is good enough for me.

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