Sunday, December 01, 2013

The funniest people in Spain

pueblo-divertido Spanish television is running a competition to find the funniest town in Spain. The idea is that participating towns produce a video to show just how funny they are. Yesterday, Bigastro made its film.

It started with two friends walking down the street chatting away about the competition. Then the town band join them playing “Paquito chocolatier”. They were joined by mountain bikers performing pirouettes. The parade then stopped and four dancers performed their routine after which, more people arrived with banners filling the street.

The local touch came when dozens more joined in to clap to the tune, 'La Alborada' which of course is played to welcome in the day of San Joaquin. And just to round things off and get the message over, the whole crowd then crouched to the ground shouting “we are the funniest people in Spain”. Finally, they got up and danced some more to the tune Help whilst María José Sarmiento and  Alen Ortiz  threw confetti over everyone. 

In all 22 towns are competing for the 100,000 euro prize. Even if Bigastro does not win, the people had a fun day which brought Christmas spirit to the town.

Sadly, that is not my picture – Pam and I missed it!

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