Friday, November 29, 2013

A resolution to the problem

The controversial copayment system for medicine has left 73,000 pensioners in the province waiting for reimbursements amounting to 1.6 million euros for the last three months.

Although payments are supposed to be made every three months, they are always delayed. This mainly effects those who are chronically ill and require a range of expensive medicines.   

However, the issue should now have been resolved thanks to the new electronic  prescription system. When a pensioner reaches the limit that they should pay, the rest of the prescriptions will be free.

In the case of British pensioners living here, the situation is different. We should be entitled to free prescriptions just as we would be if we still lived in the UK. The copayment system means that we pay the 10% along with our Spanish neighbours. I wonder how the system worked for those British pensioners who exceeded the 30 euro limit. Were they able to claim back the excess? 

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