Monday, November 04, 2013

Why do they complain?

In a recent survey of broadband speeds in Britain, they found that there was not one city that met the criteria set for superfast broadband. The definition is 30 Mbs/sec and the fastest found was Telford with an average of 22.99 Mbs/sec. In Manchester, where my youngest daughter lives, the average speed was 18.36Mb/sec and in Liverpool, where my friend Pete lives, 17.43Mbs/sec.

Let’s put these figures into perspective. Whilst they might fall short of the government’s target, those are a darn sight faster than the 8.43Mb/sec that I get from a contracted 10Mb/sec connection. To make matters worse, the average cost of broadband in the UK is a lot less than I pay for my Telefonica connection.

Of course, I live in a rural area where broadband speed will be lower than in cities like Madrid. 

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