Sunday, November 17, 2013

All in perfect English

Last night we went to the Auditorium for the Hammer concert. Now if I was being critical, I would say that none of the musicians were outstanding but they did play very well together and the two singers had the kind of powerful voices needed to belt out the numbers. The whole production was very slick and professional. It was a very enjoyable night. 

DSCF1570   DSCF1555
  DSCF1534 DSCF1590

To their immense credit, the two girls sang in very clear English. I doubt that the majority of the audience would have have understood one word but that did not quell their enthusiasm to get up and bop along with the band.

Hammer are: Mariola Alcocer and Andrea Casanova on vocals, Tomás Angel on guitar, Paco Escudero on bass, Pablo Sánchez on drums Tony Sánchez on keyboard and harmonica.
Fernando Sanmartín on trumpet and Sergio Pérez  on saxophone.

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