Sunday, November 10, 2013

The grand re-opening

DSCF1489 Last night we had the grand re-opening of the Albergue at La Pedrera.

Tony Kelly was the compere and sang for us. The main act though was a Neil Diamond tribute singer who actually appeared twice – first time as himself with a bald head and then again with a full black wig as the Jazz Singer.

He was bloody good and well worth going to see.
DSCF1492 When we first came to live in Bigastro, events at La Pedrera were always packed. These days though, people are getting older and numbers of Brits are dwindling.

A lot of familiar faces were missing, maybe they were at home watching “Strictly come dancing” instead.

Tony Kelly told us that the intention of the new owners of Camping La Pedrera is to put on live entertainment every Saturday night. The cynical side of me says that will work for maybe a few weeks and then numbers will drop. That will be a shame because the new owners have put a lot of effort into reviving the original spirit of the place as a camping site that caters both for Spaniards and for the Brits who live at Villas Andrea.

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