Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stooping low

Although thieves are not known for having a moral conscience, most would stop at the thought of stealing from a church. 

One gang though decided that the church of San Miguel Arcangel in Daya Nuevo was a legitimate target. They got in through the rear door and managed to remove the large armoured safe from the wall that contained the church’s precious items. The safe, which weighs 500kilograms was still locked but the thieves had managed to get into it via the rusted base. The items missing included a gold crown, along with a gold medal and earrings with a total value of about 60,000 euros.

Of course, the real value of the items is much more than euros. The crown for example was purchased with donations from the parishioners over 60 years ago.  There is no doubt that the items will have been sold to an unscrupulous dealer for melting down. Let us hope the police can get to them before that happens.

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